Saturday, 17 March 2012

And so it begins (and not a moment too soon!)

The ever-ongoing book project
Having received a sample pack from Inky Little Fingers some time ago, I have finally got around to logging onto their site for a quote and some necessary advice for making the book.

I have to thank Mark Niel, whose Professional Poets group page on Facebook has allowed me to pick up some advice on the niggles that were proving convenient excuses for procrastination.

Also, I seem to have scored the help of a professional designer to sort out the cover, as well as internal layout. Conveniently, I have also obtained a copy of my favourite in-performance photo to use on the back of the book. Suddenly things are coming together.

So now the real work has to start.

ISBN number, other printing quotes, brief/draft of the design.
Oh yeah, and the text. Have I enough work inside? Should I leave some out? What about dividing it up into sections.
And I should probably decide on the title. And on my own name.
Hm.... these really are baby steps of progress.

Big decisions never were my strong point, but it's nice to have the right people on side.

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  1. ILF are the ones who currently produce Small Words, so I *definitely* recommend them! :)

    Let me know if there's anything I can do to help.