Friday, 26 July 2013

it's nearly done!

Yet again, as per the title piece of the book, the seemingly endless procrastination and false starts have delayed progress somewhat

HOWEVER: we are pretty much ready to print. Content is *almost ready* and cover will be forthcoming thanks to Mr Vinnie Gibbons. Something nice and dark with a splash of colour, oh yeah.

And, not a moment too soon (again) since I'm off to Edinburgh in 2 weeks and would love (and need) nothing better than some proper shiny merch, as well as that feeling that I've actually seen a project to completion.

Once the book is done, I'm going to expand on some musical collaborations and get those down on CD. After all, I do have some serious talent amongst my friends and would  love nothing more than to make some beautiful music (or at least, some filthy poetry with musical bits)


Tuesday, 26 June 2012

yes I am still editing!

So I haven't forgotten the project, far from it! Having worked on some new pieces recently, including my "title track" Empty Threats, I now get to edit down the contents of the book. This makes me pretty happy as I don't feel some of the older pieces are really up to the quality that I want.

The key, however, is to stick at it, actually make progress, and decide when it's finished and get it converted to pdf ready for printing.

Still a while from the finish line, but trying to keep the effort up nonetheless. Especially after a few false starts. Onward!

Saturday, 17 March 2012

And so it begins (and not a moment too soon!)

The ever-ongoing book project
Having received a sample pack from Inky Little Fingers some time ago, I have finally got around to logging onto their site for a quote and some necessary advice for making the book.

I have to thank Mark Niel, whose Professional Poets group page on Facebook has allowed me to pick up some advice on the niggles that were proving convenient excuses for procrastination.

Also, I seem to have scored the help of a professional designer to sort out the cover, as well as internal layout. Conveniently, I have also obtained a copy of my favourite in-performance photo to use on the back of the book. Suddenly things are coming together.

So now the real work has to start.

ISBN number, other printing quotes, brief/draft of the design.
Oh yeah, and the text. Have I enough work inside? Should I leave some out? What about dividing it up into sections.
And I should probably decide on the title. And on my own name.
Hm.... these really are baby steps of progress.

Big decisions never were my strong point, but it's nice to have the right people on side.