Friday, 26 July 2013

it's nearly done!

Yet again, as per the title piece of the book, the seemingly endless procrastination and false starts have delayed progress somewhat

HOWEVER: we are pretty much ready to print. Content is *almost ready* and cover will be forthcoming thanks to Mr Vinnie Gibbons. Something nice and dark with a splash of colour, oh yeah.

And, not a moment too soon (again) since I'm off to Edinburgh in 2 weeks and would love (and need) nothing better than some proper shiny merch, as well as that feeling that I've actually seen a project to completion.

Once the book is done, I'm going to expand on some musical collaborations and get those down on CD. After all, I do have some serious talent amongst my friends and would  love nothing more than to make some beautiful music (or at least, some filthy poetry with musical bits)


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